The StormHunters Blog

The last great adventure on Earth is chasing down chaos. And that's pretty much become my job/career. Which is just all kinds of awesome. I've had to dodge out of the way of the world's largest tornado, hung on while the winds of Hurricane Katrina blasted through the city of Gulfport, Mississippi, stepped onto the soil of the loneliest continent on the planet, and tried to stand upright in 172 km/h winds in the middle of the worst blizzard Cape Breton had seen in years.

Want to join in? You can (sort of), by watching me in my adventures on StormHunters and Unearthed the Weather Network!

I used to post everything here on my website, but since I'm now working full time at TWN, the best place to get updates, videos, pics, etc is on the TWN site:

StormHunters on TWN

Future Projects

The eternal question:

What's next?

Right now I'm working on a number of things, but most importantly, a whole new season of StormHunters and Unearthed for TWN. It's going to get busy throughout the fall, into the winter, and then into the spring. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for the latest updates.

And as always, I'm trying to get more and more writing done on a variety of projects. Keep an eye out for them!